Sunday, February 26, 2006

Team Tomato

Team Tomato is from St. Louis. They play straight ahead rock'n'roll. Their third album, Lie Down With Dogs was released in 2005, after winning the 2005 DIY Album of the Year award for their 2004 album Words and Skin and Bone. I had them in the studio two years ago and I can tell you they're super nice guys. Check out their music for yourself:

Team Tomato - King's Diamonds
Team Tomato - June the Loon
Team Tomato - Grey Has Silver
Team Tomato - Newlywed Deception

Team Tomato is playing on Friday March 3rd, at the Red Sea, so check them out, buy a lot of beer, and buy yourself a CD. Check out their myspace page here and be their friend.


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