Wednesday, October 11, 2006


Is Morrissey playing St. Louis in November? From a recent post on Morrissey's Myspace page, and in reference to St. Louis native Kristeen Young:

"...Kristeen's single is 'Kill the Father' and is the best song I've heard for 50 years. I especially love the line "strangle Bowie with/his neckerchief" which, you must agree, is quite an idea. Kristeen is from St Louis - which, I am told, is another way of saying Mars [although I really shouldn't say this in view of the fact that we play St Louis in November.] Kristeen is a dramatic woman - monumental vocal gifts, unwalkable heels, hypnotic way with the keyboard, and underneath it all she is still 16 (and a half.) I watch her set every night and I am dazed. I was thrilled by audience reactions to Kristeen - especially in Iceland and Italy where their intakes of breath could be heard as Kristeen ripped into the high notes. She is an artist who adapts the world to her own needs, which I appreciate. There's no other way..."

Morrissey - America Is Not the World (via Disco Not Disco)


Blogger secret glimpses said...

show is still very much unconfirmed and extremely tentative; there's not even a venue on the radar for this, and morrissey just announced a december UK arena tour. that post moz made was a month ago or so now, and don't think there have been any updates.

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