Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Frederick's Anniversary Show

Off Broadway will be hosting the one year anniversary show of the closing of Frederick's Music Lounge this Saturday, February 3rd. Last February, Two Cow Garage, The Saps and Fertilizer Bomb played at the last show ever at Frederick's Music Lounge (read my review of the show here), and that exact same lineup will be gracing the stage of Off Broadway this Saturday. If you know what's good for you, you will be there.

Two Cow Garage - Alphabet City
Two Cow Garage - Found
Two Cow garage - Been So Long
The Saps - Broke My Spine
The Saps - Dead Friends
The Saps - Wait

This is the extended trailer for "The Long Way Around", a documentary on Two Cow Garage:


Blogger astroclone said...

Good review (of Fred's last show). I'm currently putting some clips on youtube from the off broadway show (which I booked).
I'm tony, do I know you?

8:51 PM  

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