Friday, November 17, 2006

Playing for the People

I likes me some Built to Spill, and I love it when Doug Martsch does stuff like this. When Built to Spill was on tour this past summer, their show in Boulder, CO was sold out. Nonetheless, there were a bunch of kids hanging out outside of the venue, in the hopes that a few extra tickets might be released. Although no additional tickets were released, Doug gave the kids a great impromtu performance outside of the theater. Check out the kid in the front row that's got a serious case of Over-Rock.

"I Would Hurt A Fly":


After their tour-concluding show in Ft. Worth, this lucky fan got some great footage of Sigur Ros jamming out by their tour bus, banjo and all:

Big Bonus:
Stream high-qulaity VIDEO of an entire Sigur Ros concert by clicking here. You can download the whole 132-minute show by going to their webpage.


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Love that Sigur Ros footage.

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