Friday, March 02, 2007

Ben Kweller & Magnolia Summer Pictures

On Wednesday night, I saw Ben Kweller and opening band Magnolia Summer. Magnolia Summer was, as usual, great. It was nice to see them well received by a crowd that was probably not that familiar with them. Ben Kweller was great, too. The band was tight and energetic. I wasn't expecting him to be so short. When he sat down at the piano, you couldn't even see the top of his head (the stage is only about three feet high). I was also really surprised by how funny he was in his stage banter. I won't try to re-create it, but he was quite funny and charming. They played everything you'd want to hear, including some more rarely-played songs, like "Down".

Here are some pictures.

Ben Kweller:

Magnolia Summer:

Edit: I forgot to put this video of Ben Kweller performing "Commerce, TX" at the show:



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