Friday, July 13, 2007

A to Z

It has occurred to me that I may have never pointed out the fact that the good folks at the Riverfront Times' Music department (Annie Z, mostly, but also Christian S, Malcom G, et al) have fandangled their very own blog, A to Z, which is separate from the rags' main blog, which is located here. A to Z has managed to generate a ton of comments, so you can watch the scene splinter with your very own eyes. For serious, though, Annie and Co. bring so much to this town's music scene, and it's great to see people talking about what's going on -- even if it is just people bitching about Christian's alleged distaste for local bands.

They have a great feature on the opening of a new live music venue, the Bluebird. Annie interviews Mike Cracchiolo, the man behind the Bluebird and the bassist and vocalist for The Bureau, here. A to Z also points us to Highway 61 Revised for pictures of the Bluebird's open house last Thursday night.

The venue's official Grand Opening is tonight, and features great music by Ghost In Light, Stella Mora, and The Feed.


Blogger skewgee said...

thanks for linking us. at the very least it helped us find another rad music blog to link locally. and stay tuned, we have another mp3 mixtape coming out just in time for christmass in july

1:21 AM  
Blogger keggers said...

there's a scene here? hmmk

11:07 AM  

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