Thursday, August 02, 2007

Tonight at Cicero's

There's a great show at Cicero's tonight featuring some excellent St. Louis- and Columbia-based bands. I have previously written many a school-girl-on-her-notebook-like love letters to many of the bands playing, including Gentleman Auction House, Witch's Hat, The Hibernauts, and Jumbling Towers. All are outstanding live performers. If you have not caught Witch's Hat live, you are truly missing out. I am only unfamiliar with the final band rounding out the bill, The Overtones, but from the songs I've heard of theirs online, I think they will fit in just fine.

Annie Z recently spoke with Mike Tomko about Gentleman Auction House's plans to record their first full-length album this fall...

Witch's Hat - Bomb Squad
Witch's Hat - Supply and Demand
Gentleman Auction House - A Hospital Or Heaven
The Hibernauts - Into The Storm/Out to the Sea
Jumbling Towers - He's A Cop Now
The Overtones - Jungle


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