Friday, September 07, 2007

An Under Cover Weekend

As I mentioned, here, this weekend is An Under Cover Weekend at Off Broadway. This is seriously going to be a great time, and you should definitely make it out. Annie Z has revealed what bands are covering who, in this week's A to Z column. The event features ten bands playing full sets of another bands material. Here are a few of band playing tonight, the first night of the two-night event:

Shame Club = Deep Purple
Sex Robots = Tom Petty
The Hibernauts = The Kinks

You'll have to read the article to find the alter-egos of Heroes of the Kingdom and Robb Steele.

In the spirit of the beoved cover-genre, here are a few for you (all via yousendit):

Foundry Field Recordings - Caribou (Pixies)
Bishop Allen - Psycho Killer (Talking Heads)
Baboon - Gates of Steel (Devo)
Adam Green feat. Ben Kweller - Kokomo (Beach Boys)
Ruby Isle - Teenage Riot (Sonic Youth)


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