Friday, October 05, 2007

The Twilight Sad & Ghost in Light

The Twilight Sad & Ghost in Light are playing at the Biliken Club tonight, in what is also Ghost in Light's final show. According to an email from the band, guitarist Chandler has "decided to part ways with Ghost in Light to pursue other things in his life." The band has a new EP that is currently being mastered and will be available for download as soon as they get it back (you can bet on me putting at least one track up here, too). So, if the great pop of Scotland's The Twilight Sad isn't enought to get you out, seeing the final show of one of St. Louis' great bands should be.

The Twilight Sad - And She Would Darken The Memory
Ghost in Light - The Snow is Soaking My Shoes

The Twilight Sad - Cold Days From the Birdhouse:


Blogger mountmccabe said...

I really wanna see the Twilight Sad.

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