Wednesday, November 28, 2007

This Is American Music - A Rock & Roll Revue

There's a great FREE show this weekend at The Billiken Club, being billed as “This Is American Music - A Rock & Roll Revue” featuring The Drams, Two Cow Garage, Grand Champeen, and Glossary. All the bands will be playing each other's songs and rotating members throughout the night. All four bands put on a great show, and it's free, so it'll be hard to find a reason not to go. If I wasn't going to San Antonio this weekend, I would most definitely be there.

Two Cow Garage - Should've California
Grand Champeen - One and Only
Grand Champeen - Threw A Fit

Two Cow Garage - "Ohio" (live CSNY cover, at Off Broadway):

Two Cow Garage - "Camo Jacket" (live at Off Broadway):

The Drams - "Unhinged" (live):

Glossary - "Shout It From The Rooftops" (live):

Grand Champeen - "Miss Out" (live):



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