Saturday, July 01, 2006


St. Louis' very own Waterloo released their third full length album last Tuesday, called Out of the Woods. Hazy, melodic, and just a little more rocking than their last album, this is definitely my favorite of their albums so far. They are playing a show at the Lucas School House tonight (that's Saturday, July 1st, for those of you too lazy to look it up). And you should probably go and check them out, because, according to the Riverfront Times, singer and band leader Mark Ray is moving to Portland, Oregon, soon; which isn't to say you won't ever be able to see them again, but it is to say that St. Louis shows will be even more few and far between...

SO, you should be able to catch Gentlemen Auction House at the steps of the Arch for FREE as a part of Fair St. Louis at 2:30, get some food, go to the Cardinals game, and, because the game starts at 6:10, make to the Lucas School House in time to see Waterloo. Well, that's what I'm doing, anyway....

Here's some songs from Waterloo. Listen to them. Realize you have a crush on them. See them live tonight and buy some beers. Buy a CD. Repeat.

Waterloo - Chain of Lakes
Waterloo - Green Grass
Waterloo - Engines
Waterloo - Halcyon Days