Monday, February 27, 2006

The Deathray Davies

The Deathray Davies are a criminally unknown indie pop band from Dallas, Texas, that have been consistently putting out hook-heavy, high energy rock albums for seven years. Last year's The Kick and the Snare was one of the best of the year and one that critics and bloggers raved about, but, for reasons unknown to me, went under the general population's radar. The album, along with 1999's Drink With the Grown-Ups and Listen to the Jazz, 2000's The Return of the Drunken Ventriloquist, 2002's The Day of the Ray, and 2004's Midnight at teh Black Nail Polish Factory, should have put the band in the same ranks as The Shins, Foutains of Wayne, and The New Pornographers. The band draws equally from Guided by Voices and The Kinks. They haven't played in St. Louis in three and a half years (they played at the Hi-Pointe with Centro-matic), but here's to hoping they come back soon.

Here are two songs - "The Fall Fashions" (gotta love the horns!) and "Plan to Stay Awake" (new-wave rave up).

The Deathray Davies - The Fall Fashions
The Deathray Davies - Plan To Stay Awake

Sunday, February 26, 2006

Bishop Allen Redux

I know I know - I just posted about Bishop Allen's January EP, but they have just started selling their next EP, called, not surprisingly, February. They are providing a song, "Vain", available for download.

Bishop Allen - Vain

Team Tomato

Team Tomato is from St. Louis. They play straight ahead rock'n'roll. Their third album, Lie Down With Dogs was released in 2005, after winning the 2005 DIY Album of the Year award for their 2004 album Words and Skin and Bone. I had them in the studio two years ago and I can tell you they're super nice guys. Check out their music for yourself:

Team Tomato - King's Diamonds
Team Tomato - June the Loon
Team Tomato - Grey Has Silver
Team Tomato - Newlywed Deception

Team Tomato is playing on Friday March 3rd, at the Red Sea, so check them out, buy a lot of beer, and buy yourself a CD. Check out their myspace page here and be their friend.

Mardi Gras

So, I spent a good six or seven hours yesterday at the Soulard Mardi Gras celebration or, as I like to call it, Hoosier Fest '06. The weather was relatively nice, in the 40's and mostly sunny, but with some pretty intense wind gusts cooling everyone down. The crowd was HUGE, but relatively well-behaved, and the boobs flowed like wine. I was fortunate in that I had two apartments to use as home bases, providing reprieve from the wind and a clean bathroom. You can see all my pictures from the day here.

Saturday, February 25, 2006

Of Montreal

I saw Of Montreal last night... It was great - it was a sellout at the Gargoyle, and despite the fact there was no drinking, the crowd was really good (maybe the drugs they had to consume before showing up?).... Anyway, the band is all high energy, sugar-rush-psychedelic-pop-goodness. Until I saw them live, I didn't realize they perform several of the songs live with a drum machine... Also, Kevin Barnes, the singer, had about 10 costume changes over the course of the night. When I showed up (I walked in in the middle of the first song) my first thought was, "I didn't realize Of Montreal consisted of the cast of Zoolander." I had no idea what their normal stage "costumes" were like, but it was all eye glitter and sequined trendy shirts, in a very pre-meditated way. Kind of like a disco cover band would dress. They threw out some sweet covers, too, including Prince's "Take Me With U", the Kinks "Tired of Waiting for You" and The Supremes' "You Keep Me Hanging On", not to mention a version of Europe's "Final Countdown", which they played up until the vocals were to kick in and segued into one of their own songs.

I missed opener The Maxtone Four's set, but singer Brian McClelland assurede me it was "their best set ever" and I'm inclined to believe him. All in all, a good time.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Bishop Allen

Bishop Allen has a new EP out, called January. They plan on releasing a new EP on the last day of every month this year (I like the way the math works out on that - 48 or so new BA tracks this year!). You can only get the EP by ordering it from their website. They only pressed 1000 and over half of them have sold already. The coolest thing about the EP is the packaging and artwork - one side of the CD sleeve is your address, which has been handwritten by one of the band members. One of the most unique bits of album artwork I have seen. There are four tracks, three of which are fairly subdued, acoustic ballads. I am loving all the DFW references in "The Bullet & Big D"... Here is one song from the new EP ("Corazon") and another from their first album, Charm School ("Things Are What You Make Of Them").

Bishop Allen - Corazon
Bishop Allen - Things Are What You Make of Them

I first discovered Bishop Allen three years ago, when I randomly grabbed their debut CD, Charm School, off the shelf at the radio station to write the blurb that we put on the CDs so other DJs know what any given CD sounds like. I grabbed it solely because the artwork seemed fairly DYI (despite the dreamy indie pose pictures...). I was blown away. Then they came through St. Louis and played at The Rocket Bar and I, of course, grabbed a bunch friends and made them come with me. Everyone was blown away. They threw out a solid cover of "Psycho Killer". I can only hope to see them in St. Louis again this spring or fall...

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

2/20/06 Playlist

Here is the playlist for Dividing By Zero Will Get You Nowhere on Monday, February 20, 2006. I traded with Jason Green again this week, as I had another conflict. I only had an hour, so a shorter playlist (and a nine minute Built to Spill song). I will be back on Tuesday next week...

  • Bishop Allen - Corazon - January
  • Bishop Allen - The Bullet & Big D - January
  • Built to Spill - Goin' Against Your Mind - You In Reverse
  • Tight Pants Syndrome - Your Love Is Hot - Demo
  • dios (malos) - Later Skater - s/t
  • The Flaming Lips - Free Radicals - At War With the Mystics
  • Sure Juror - The Drive Will Do You Good - Sure Juror
  • The Pixies - Dig for Fire - Bossanova
  • The Secret Machines - Faded LInes - Ten Silver Drops
  • Sigur Ros - Hoppipolla - Takk

Monday, February 20, 2006

Tight Pants Syndrome

Tight Pants Syndrome play gloriously catchy rock'n'roll of the powerpop variety, a la Sloan, The New Pornographers, Cheap Trick, and, uh, ABBA. Seriously. I hear ABBA vocal harmonies in there. ANYWAY, they are from St. Louis and have an 8 track demo out that they self released. On CD. Not on 8-Track. I'm not sure if they have any shows coming up (although they did just play some recently) but, I do know that they are in the process of tracking songs for an album as we speak. Check out their website here and their MySpace page here. "Your Buzz Is Safe With Me" is one of the catchiest songs you'll hear all year. Hell, they all are.

Tight Pants Syndrome - Your Buzz Is Safe With Me
Tight Pants Syndrome - Your Love Is Hot
Tight Pants Syndrome - Seducer

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Another Switcheroo

This week I will, once again, be trading shows with Jason Green, as I will be seeing Sigur Ros Tuesday night. So, I will be sitting in for him on Monday night, from 7-8 pm and he will be sitting in on my show on Tuesday night, from 8-10pm.

Ten Silver Drops

I am listeing to the new Secret Machines record, Ten Silver Drops, and it is just incredible. It should be huge for them when it comes out. I can only hope and assume they will be coming through St. Louis in support of it. Some Velvet Blog has the first single, "Alone, Jealous, and Stoned" available for download.

I LOVE this album, but on "Alone, Jealous, and Stoned", tell me you can't help but sing your best Steve Perry during the intro piano...

"Just a small town girl living in a lonely world
She took the midnight train going anywhere
Just a city boy born and raised in south Detroit
He took the midnight train going anywhere

A singer in a smoky room
A smell of wine and cheap perfume
For a smile they can share the night
It goes on and on and on and on..."

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Herman Dune

Herman Dune is a French pop group that used to get lumped in with the anti-folk movement, but they seem to have outgrown that label with recent releases. They released the album Not On Top in 2005, which was their fifth album, yet it was the first I had ever heard of them. I am really loving the song "Not On Top", which made the blog rounds a few months ago (I first discovered them via Said The Gramophone)... What can I say, I'm behind the curve.... The first verse just really grabbed me. Maybe it's because i was 27 when I first heard it, but they do a good job of capturing a particular feeling.

Herman Dune - Not On Top

2/13/06 Playlist

Here is the setlist for last week's Dividing By Zero WIll Get You Nowhere. I traded slots with another DJ this week, so I did an hour long show on Monday, February 13.

  • The Flaming Lips- The Yeah Yeah Yeah Song - At War With the Mystics
  • Tapes 'n Tapes - Insistor - The Loon
  • The Secret Machines- Alone, Jealous and Stoned - Ten Silver Drops
  • Berry - Fifty Eight - Sunday Morning Radio
  • Arctic Monkeys - Red Light Indicates Doors Are Secured - Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not
  • Baboon - Give Me Something Real - Numb EP
  • Tight Pants Syndrome - Your Buzz Is Safe With Me - Demo
  • Clap Your Hands Say Yeah - Over and Over Again (Lost and Found) - s/t
  • dios (malos) - epk - s/t
  • Belle and Sebastian - White Collar Boy - The Life Pursuit
  • The Maxtone Four - Parenthetic - unreleased
  • Enon - Knock the Door - Lost Marbles and Exploded Evidence
  • Local H - 25 or 6 to 4 - Demos and B-Sides
  • Funland - Die Like a Satellite - The Funland Band
  • The Flaming Lips - Pompeii Am Gotterdammerung - At War With the Mystics

Listen online at

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

This is The News

This is This Is The News. I don't know much about them other than they are from the St. Louis area and that I like them. They've got some shows coming up in March (Mangia, Way Out, Great Grizzly Bear) - check out their Myspace Page for the dates. They feature two bassists. I know that, too.

Here are some songs.

This Is The News - One Day
This Is The News - Quad Four

Andrew Bird

Andrew Bird is playing at the Pageant tonight. You should check him out. I will be there and I plan on taking pictures. Muzzle of Bees has a bunch of his songs available for your downloading pleasure.

The Strokes

Tickets for the Strokes April 8th show at The Pageant go on sale this Friday at 5.

Monday, February 13, 2006

Tapes 'n Tapes

Tapes 'n Tapes

Tapes 'n Tapes are from Minnesota. I am really digging their song, "Insistor." It's from their album The Loon. It reminds me a lot of the Pixies, but not in the way that that comparison usually implies. Here is their website.

Tapes 'n Tapes - Insistor

If you like it, buy it.

Wake Up. Report.

Wake Up. Report. are a great rock band from Alton, IL. They play music in the vein of Built to Spill and Superchunk. Me likey. They are playing a show at the Lemp Arts Center on February 17, 2006, with The Plastic Constellations.

Download these songs. Then go see them play next Friday. You'll buy a t-shirt, and maybe a CD. It will be good. It will be right.

Wake Up. Report. - The Telephone Calls (Keep Quiet)
Wake Up. Report. - The Book You Never Read

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Thanks For the Hangovers

This is Fred.

Fred owns Frederick's Music Lounge.

Frederick's Music Lounge hosted its last ever show last night, featuring Two Cow Garage, The Saps, and Fertilizer Bomb. It was a great night of music and a fitting end to an integral part of the local music scene. Fred's has always leaned toward booking roots/rock/alt-country bands and this night's lineup was no exception.

My friends and I got there relatively early, anticipating a capacity crowd. We did not want to be left out in the cold on this one. It was nice to get there early, but I don't think they ever reached capacity and, frankly, I'm not sure they would have not let anyone in they it reached that point...

Fertilizer Bomb started the night of with a cover of Drive-by Truckers' "Sink Hole" and set the tone for the entire night. I had an irrational skepticism of the band after they started with such a contempory cover, but they quickly won me and my friends over. They put on a good show and definitely got the crowd worked up, providing the perfect soundtrack for drinking. They closed out their set with Alice Cooper's "Welcome to My Nightmare" and Fleetwood Mac's "Go Your Own Way", which was, actually, a great way to end their set on the last night at Fred's.

The Saps, from Chicago, were up next. I had only previously heard of The Saps, but had never heard their music. Their set was, in a word, awesome. Their music truly ocupied the intersection of country and punk, in the place often referred to as alt-country or cowpunk. They reminded me of the Old 97s circa Too Far To Care, with a little more big city grime and a little more punk attitude. Their set started out showcasing the more americana/alt-country side of the band, and progressively got louder, faster and more aggressive as the night wore on and the crowd got rowdier and drunker. If you had walked into Fred's on The Saps' last song, you would have been forgiven for thinking The Saps were a Clash-inspired punk rock band.

Finally, Two Cow Garage, who were personally asked by Fred to play at Frederick's last show, took the stage. For those of you unfamiliar with Two Cow Garage, the best points of reference when describing their music are Slobberbone, Drive-by Truckers, and The Replacements. From those comparisons alone, you should know that they are LOUD. However, this night, bassist Shane Sweeny started the set off quietly, covering a song written by Centro-matic's Will Johnson for the late, great Slobberbone, and dedicating it to Fred, who made his first appearance of the evening at the end of the song. Sweeny's one-man-and-his-guitar balladeering was soon laid to rest as the rest of the band took the stage and proceeded rock everybody and their socks, shoes, and underoos off for the rest of the night. It was a typically loud and rowdy show, in which Fred and Frederick's were clearly the points of affection and attention. The band played The Beatles' "Don't Let Me Down" to end their set -- an appropriate ending to a great run at an iconoclastic venue. Or it was going to be until, at the end of the song, Fred got on stage, inforing the band that the bartenders had requested ONE MORE SONG - Poison's "Talk Dirty to me." And, of course, they obliged. Half way through the song, Fred got onstage and thoroughly tackled Sweeny, sending the two of the crashing to the ground and into the drumset. After tackling as many members of the band as he could reach, the stage was a wreck, people strewn about, and the drums scattered everywhere. Like the true workmen and consumate professionals they are, the band continued and finished the song - the drummer banging on the hi-hat and snare drum where they lay, and Micah attempting his best C.C.DeVille at the bottom of a pile-on. It was a chaotic and beautiful ending to the night.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Death Cab for Cutie

DCFC will be playing at The Pageant on April 4. Tickets go onsale tommorrow, February 10, at 5 p.m.

Creepy Crawl

The last show at the Creepy Crawl's current location on Tucker in downtown St. Louis will be on March 13, 2006. Read about it here. The show will feature The Independents, Gito Gito Hustler, The Spunks, Red Handed Bandits, Mark's Invaders + A "Surprise" Special Guest...

Rumor has it the Creepy Crawl will be moving to a location in the Grand Center area, near the Fox Theater and SLU...

*Edit: This has been confirmed.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

2/7/06 Playlist

Here is the Playlist for Dividing By Zero Will Get You Nowhere on February 7, 2006.

  • Page France - Chariot - Hello, Dear Wind
  • Crooked Fingers - Under Pressure - Reservoir Songs
  • Imperial Teen - Yoo Hoo - What is Not to Love
  • Ivy - Get Out of the City - Apartment Life
  • The Subways - I Want to Hear What You Have Got to Say - Young For Eternity
  • Devo - Gates of Steel - Freedom of Choice
  • The Dead 60s - Train to Nowhere - Train to Nowhere EP
  • The Strokes - Razorblade - First Impressions of Earth
  • Built to Spill - Fly Around My Pretty Little Miss - Ancient Melodies of the Future
  • Destroyer - New Ways of Living - Notorious Lightning and Other Works
  • Grey Does Matter - Zero - How to Make Millions in Real Estate
  • Slobberbone - Your Excuse - Barrel Chested
  • Broken Social Scene - Fire Eye'd Boy - Broken Social Scene
  • The Anniversary - The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter - Designing a Nervous Breakdown
  • Air - Sexy Boy - Moon Safari
  • The Elected - Old Times - Sun, Sun, Sun
  • The Reverend Horton Heat - Bales of Cocaine - The Full Custom Gospel Sounds of the Reverend Horton Heat
  • Sun Kil Moon - Neverending Math Equation - Tiny Cities
  • David Bowie - Magic Dance - Labyrinth
  • Sleater-Kinney - Jumpers - The Woods
  • Beulah - Silver Lining - The Coast is Never Clear
  • We Are Scientists - This Scene is Dead - With Love and Squalor
  • The Plastic Constellations - Phoenix and the Faultline - Crusades
  • Minus the Bear - Michio's Death Drive - Menos el Oso
  • The Brakes - Ring a Ding Ding - Give Blood
  • Brain Regiment - You Throw Satellites - Ancient Spaceman
  • John Vanderslice - Dead Slate Pacific - Pixel Revolt
  • Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - Weight of the World - Howl
  • Sufjan Stevens - Come On! Feel the Illinoise! - Illinois

Be sure to listen every Tuesday from 8-10pm on

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Frederick's Music Lounge

The last show at Frederick's Music Lounge is going to be this Saturday, February 11, 2006. Two Cow Garage is going to be performing along with other "special guests." I will be getting there with friends very early on Saturday to ensure we get in... I will take pictures and post them...