Friday, November 30, 2007

Victoria CD Release Show

DBZ contributor AJS checks in with the following:

This Saturday night (December 1st) at the Bluebird, St. Louis trio Victoria will put its garage rock frenzy on full display at the band's CD release party, which also features The Hibernauts, Jumbling Towers and Berlin Whale. Victoria has developed a reputation for putting on high-energy stage shows, and on Saturday they'll be releasing their first EP, a 7-song disc that features several of the tracks they've been playing at recent shows, including "Holy Roller Derby".

Here's a video for "Holy Roller Derby"

Check out Victoria onstage at Off Broadway:

Check out their recent interview with the RFT here.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Riddle of Steel CD Release Show

St. Louis' very own and very-rocking Riddle of Steel is celebrating the release of their third full-length album, 1985, with a show at The Bluebird tomorrow night. Also on the bill will be faux-metal-gods Thor Axe. 1985 gets quite a bad rap for being a horrible year or music (see: Phil Collins' No Jacket Required, Paul Young's The Secret Of Association, DeBarge's Rhythm of the Night, Kiss' Asylum, Journey's Dream After Dream), but by a whole different set of criteria, it was a GREAT year for music (The Replacements' Tim, Husker Du's Flip Your Wig, REM's Fables of the Reconstruction, Minutemen's 3-Way Tie (For Last), and Meat Puppets' Up On The Sun), so there's really no telling what the reference means, from a histori-musical perspective. One thing you can definitely count on, though, is that the album will R.O.C.K. (A-HA! That's it - it's in reference to John Cougar Mellencamp's 1985 hit Scarecrow; riddle solved). The music is quintessential, Riddle of Steel.

I saw them perform some of these new songs at The Bluebird a few months ago, and they are easily some of the best songs the band has penned yet, even if the song titles do make you suspect that they've been hanging out with Minus the Bear a little too much ("Who's the Fella Owns This Shithole?", "This Van Burns Love"). I have included an mp3 of one of the new songs, "Quiet Now", below.

Read a great interview that Annie Z did with the band for The Riverfront Times here.

Riddle of Steel - Quiet Now
Riddle of Steel - Ass Kicker #1

Here are some live videos of Riddle of Steel performing some of the new songs:

Riddle of Steel - "Quiet Now" (live):

Riddle of Steel - "Who's the Fellow Owns This Shithole?" (live):

Riddle of Steel - "This Van Burns Love" (live):

Riddle of Steel - "Loose Talk" (live):

...and here's an old one for good measure:

Riddle of Steel - "Our Guitars Are Haunted" (live):


The Cult at The Pageant Tonight

Please, please, please, for the love of Ian Astbury, do not forget to go to The Cult show at The Pageant tonight.

The Cult - "Fire Woman":

The Cult - "Edie (Ciao Baby)":

The Cult - "She Sells Sanctuary":

The Cult - "Wild Flower":

The Cult - "Rain":

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Built to Spill at The Pageant

A to Z is reporting that Built to Spill will be playing at The Pageant on March 15th. Count me in.

Here's some fun Built to Spill footage (with an encore posting of the Over-Rock guy at the bottom of the post):

Built to Spill on Pancake Mountain:

Built to Spill - "Kicked It In The Sun" (live):

Built to Spill - "Conventional Wisdom" (live):

Built to Spill - "Carry the Zero" (live):

Doug Martsch - "I Would Hurt A Fly" (live and featuring the Over-Rock Guy!):

Every Now and Then... just need some Iron Maiden:

Iron Maiden - "Run to the Hills":

Iron Maiden - "Number of the Beast"


This Is American Music - A Rock & Roll Revue

There's a great FREE show this weekend at The Billiken Club, being billed as “This Is American Music - A Rock & Roll Revue” featuring The Drams, Two Cow Garage, Grand Champeen, and Glossary. All the bands will be playing each other's songs and rotating members throughout the night. All four bands put on a great show, and it's free, so it'll be hard to find a reason not to go. If I wasn't going to San Antonio this weekend, I would most definitely be there.

Two Cow Garage - Should've California
Grand Champeen - One and Only
Grand Champeen - Threw A Fit

Two Cow Garage - "Ohio" (live CSNY cover, at Off Broadway):

Two Cow Garage - "Camo Jacket" (live at Off Broadway):

The Drams - "Unhinged" (live):

Glossary - "Shout It From The Rooftops" (live):

Grand Champeen - "Miss Out" (live):


Monday, November 26, 2007

Mystery Mix Monday

I hope you had a pleasant Thanksgiving weekend. I know I did... Mizzou is #1 for at least a week (what do the coaches know anyway?), so that is pretty amazing for us long-suffering Tigers fans.

It's another Monday, which means it's time for another Mystery Mix. I can't believe I made it to #20 on these Mystery Mixes; thanks to everyone who downloads them every week and thank you for listenign and providing feedback.


Here's last week's playlist:

Vol. 19

1. Cut Off Your Hands - Expectations
2. Pela - Lost to the Lonesome
3. OMD - Enola Gay
4. Yeasayer - 2080
5. Edwin Birdsong - Cola Bottle Baby
6. Bears - Wait and See
7. Luna - Freakin' and Peakin'
8. Scala Choir - I Touch Myself
9. The Potomac Accord - A Quiet White Cut By The Longest Blue Shadows

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Saturday, November 24, 2007

Delta Spirit at The Bluebird

Dividing By Zero compatiriot, AJS, checks in with this post about a great show at The Bluebird tonight:

Southern California indie/folk rockers Delta Spirit are coming through St. Louis for a fantastic show tonight, headlining The Bluebird (that's Saturday, November 24). Fresh off playing several sold-out East Coast tour dates in support of Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, Delta Spirit is currently touring in support of its excellent new release, Ode to Sunshine. The band has gained momentum this year behind an impressive touring schedule, which in addition to Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, featured spots alongside The Cold War Kids, Dr. Dog and Tokyo Police Club.

The Bureau will open the show, along with the talented kids of Say Panther and The Ghost in the Forest.

Delta Spirit - Gimme Some Motivation
Delta Spirit - Streetwalker

Check out this SWEET footage of Delta Spirit on stage with The Cold War Kids, doing a chaotic version of "Saint John":

Check out Delta Spirit doing a live version of "Trashcan", a standout track from Ode to Sunshine

-- by AJS.,


Thursday, November 22, 2007

Give Thanks for the Rock

If you are looking for something to do tonight, after you've digested all of you food and the football is over (assuming you don't have the NFL network), head out to 2 Cents Plain to catch 7 Shot Sceamers, Bunnygrunt, Names & Titles and Quief Quota (here we come, radio!).

Names & Titles - Already Know
Names & Titles - Introducing Names & Titles


Tuesday, November 20, 2007

The Walkmen at The Duck Room

The Walkmen are playing at The Duck Room on January 21 with White Rabbits, who have played a couple well-received shows in St. Louis over the past month or two. The last time The Walkmen played here, it was at The Gargoyle, so it will be nice to see them in the hops- and barley-friendly environs of The Duck Room. Get your tickets early, because this is going to be a great show.

Here's the video of what is easily one of my favorite songs of the last five years: The Walkmen's "The Rat":

The Walkmen - Little House of Savages


Monday, November 19, 2007

Of Montreal at The Pageant tonight

I am heading up to The Pageant to catch Of Montreal in just a moment.

Here are some clips of the various covers they are known for playing live:

Of Montreal - "Crazy":

Of Montreal - "Starman":

Of Montreal - "Suffragette City":

Of Monreal - "Harvest Moon":

Of Montreal - "Fuck Away the Pain" (somehow Of Montreal covering Peaches makes perfect sense):

Of Montreal - "You Keep Me Hanging On" (partial):

Of Montreal - "Final Countdown" (partial):

Also, I found out that Modest Mouse played "Trailer Trash" AND "Talking Shit About A Pretty Sunset" in Coumbia, MO, the night after their show in St. Louis.

And I heard Neil Young busted out "Cortez the Killer" at his show at The Fox last night in what was otherwise an apparently great show.

Mystery Mix Monday

Here is the latest:


And here is last week's playlist:

Vol. 18

1. Dolour - Naive
2. The Voom Blooms - Nine Ships
3. Low - Always Fade
4. Golden Bear - Galaxy Queen
5. The Bar-Kays - Soul Finger
6. Redd Kross - White Trash
7. Uncle Tupelo - D. Boon
8. Do Make Say Think - In Mind
9. The Beta Band - Dry The Rain

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Saturday, November 17, 2007

My Belated Review of Battles and Caribou at The Metro

I was in Chicago two weeks ago for work and caught Battles, Caribou, Born Ruffians and White Williams at The Metro. The show was unique in that the Battles/White Williams tour and the Caribou/Born Ruffians tours just happened to be coming through Chicago at the same time and they just doubled up the bill. It was sold out. Lots of hipsters.

Unfortunately, we missed White Williams since the friend who had tickets at will call was late getting there from work, so we sat at whatever bar that is next to The Metro for a few beers untill he showed up. We walked into The Metro right as Born Ruffians started. A very young trio, I thought they were great. Sharp, punchy pop songs that rip off the weirder parts of Pixies. In fact the singer's yelp was a little TOO similar to Frank Black's sometimes, but I really liked them. The drummer was great, pounding aggressive rhythms over these pop songs, starting the overriding theme of the night: incredible and conspicuous drumming.

Caribou was next. I guess I didn't realize how shoegazey they were until I saw them live. They were good, but really just didn't do it for me. They played way too long and I was bored of them after about the 4th song. I think my biggest problem with them was the singing. If they never sang or opened their mouths, I would have liked the set a lot more... Instrumentally they were great, even if the most musically interesting moments were created by the laptop computer that overlayed their whole set with beats, noises and samples. I definitely preferred the more electronically-influenced songs. Overall, as I was watching their set, I felt like it should have been compelling, but it wasn't, it was just boring.

Battles were up next, and holy jesus, they were great live. So Radiohead opened up their new album with a song in five; la-di-freaking-da. The rhythms and counter-rhythms and odd times signatures all collided with each other in oddly perfect unison. Every review I've read of Battles refers to them as mathy or otherwise references their supposed mathiness. Kids, this is just jazz in a new outfit, and it looks and feels so good. I had listened to a grand total of about two Battles songs before this show, but that didn't make a damn bit of difference, as I was engaged, entertained and amazed by every second of their set.

Pitchfork has pictures of the show HERE, which is good, since I forgot to bring my camera.


Friday, November 16, 2007

Magnolia Summer at The Bluebird

Here's a last minute option for tonight: Head to The Bluebird to catch Magnolia Summer (who are working on a new album), Shipwreck and, according to A to Z, Wake Up Report. And since I haven't written or talked about Wake Up Report in a while, I thought I'd throw up some of their songs.

Wake Up. Report - The Telephone Calls Keep Quiet
Wake Up. Report - Dres
Wake Up. Report - The No Vote
Wake Up. Report - We're Getting Weak

Tenement Ruth at The Lot

Here's a belated clip of Tenement Ruth performing at this year's Lot Festival:

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Rambling and Un-edited Review Modest Mouse at The Pageant Last Night

In 1998, I was in college and DJing at KCOU, my college’s radio station. At the time, I was very much into punk rock and noisy for noisy’s sake music; I hadn’t hit my pop, alt-country, electronic, or anything else phase yet. I despised the idea of “college rock” (remember when people called it that?)… I never even listened to Pavement in the 90’s because I so strongly associated them with “College Rock.” Same with Tortoise. And Modest Mouse. To me, college rock was boring. While working at the station, I avoided playing Modest Mouse like the plague – without ever having even listened to them. But then something happened; for the full story, listen to Sebadoh’s “Gimme Indie Rock.” I studied abroad, diversified my friends and generally lightened up. I got into BritPop big time (about four years too late – did I mention I refused to listen to The Bends because the video for Fake Plastic Trees so turned me off? And that that led to my willful ignoring of OK Computer? I finally discovered The Bends to be one of my favorite albums of all time right about the time of the release of Kid A). I got into electronic music. I got big into alt-country. I started listening to the CMJ music sampler CDs (this was right in the very beginning of the Napster days, when Last Flight to Jakarta was about the only blog-like website out there, so this was actually a fairly efficient way of discovering new music) and came across “The Stars are Projectors” on a CD in early- to mid- 2000. I was floored. I loved it. I immediately hit Napster or Limewire or whatever we were using back then to download as many Modest Mouse songs as I could.

In a mere two years, I had completely flipped my mind on a band I had very strong opinions on by simply, you know, listening to them. I kicked myself for previously dismissing them so casually. I finally got to see them live for the first time in 2002 on the Unlimited Sunshine Tour, with the Flaming Lips, Cake, De La Soul and Kinky. The Flaming Lips clearly owned that night, but I was so impressed by Modest Mouse, that I drove to Columbia 10 days later to see them headline at The Blue Note with The Anniversary. It was just a great show. I have followed them closely since. For the past 6 or 7 years, they are the band that I feel comfortable enough call my favorite band (behind Def Leppard, of course). I have seen a few busts of shows (their performance at the ACL Festival in 2004 was very so-so and this year’s Lollapalooza performance was OK). I do not think they can do no wrong; I regularly skip over the Tom Waits-ian middle third of Good News For People Who Love Bad News. When Johnny Marr joined the band, I was not impressed, concerned, excited or bothered. When I heard We Were Dead Before the Ship Even Sank earlier this year, I loved it immediately but did not see the Marr fingerprints that everyone else seemingly so easily did. It sounded exactly like I expected Modest Mouse to sound.

All of that being said, I was very excited leading up to their show at The Pageant last night, but realized when I got to the venue that I hadn’t listened to any Modest Mouse for at least a month or two before the show.

I got to The Pageant after Love As Laughter played, which is unfortunate since I have enjoyed the few songs of theirs I had heard before. Man Man was second on the bill, and they were great. The sound was a little muddy, but their energy could not be denied. I would guess about 20% of the crowd never had any intention of giving them a chance; 20% gave them a chance, but were lost at some point between the banging on pots and pans and the throwing of a fake severed head; and the remaining 60% really appreciated their performance. By the end of their set, the crowd was very loud in their support of the band.

Modest Mouse came on at about 9:50 and played for approximately one hour and forty-five minutes, but it was a show that felt like it was 45 minutes long; you wanted them to just keep playing. It was easily one of the best Modest Mouse shows I’ve seen. The band and crowd’s energy noticeably increased as the show went on. They opened with “Bury Me With It”, “Paper Thin Walls”, “Dashboard” and “Fire It Up”. Fire It Up was my least favorite song on We Were Dead… but live, I really enjoyed it. The setlist was great, pulling out relatively obscure songs like “King Rat” and “Here It Comes” and older gems like “Broke” and “Alone Down There.” The band played a great banjo-lead version of “Tiny Cities Made of Ashes” that morphed into a classic, extended but tight Modest Mouse jam. “We’ve Got Everything” and “The View” were also major highlights of the set. The encore was three songs long, consisting of “King Rat” and a song I wasn’t familiar with, and ended with the brilliant “Spitting Venom,” with snippets of “I Came As A Rat” thrown in to its extended jam for good measure. Isaac seemed exceptionally chatty, even if you couldn’t understand a word he said. Despite my coolness regarding the presence of Johnny Marr, he did make a notable difference to “BukowskI,” turning a song that is normally fairly ho-hum live into something great.


Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Modest Mouse Tonight/Man Man Interview

I will be heading up to the Pageant tonight to catch Modest Mouse, Man Man, and Love As Laughter. I really like the latest Modest Mouse CD, We Were Dead Before The Ship Even Sank, but have only been able to see them live in support of this album at Lollapalooza in August. A full set will be nice. The show is sold out, but you can enjoy some music below. Joe at Music Sucks also has up a quick interview with Honus Honus of Man Man HERE, so please head over and check that out.

Modest Mouse - "Dashboard":

Modest Mouse - "Little Motel":

Modest Mouse - "Float On":

Modest Mouse - "Ocean Breathes Salty":

Man Man - "Van Helsing Boombox" (live):

Man Man - "Feathers" and "Engrish Bwudd":

Monday, November 12, 2007

Mystery Mix Monday

Whoa I needed a week off. It felt good. Here's something to get you (and me) back in the swing of things:


Here is the playlist from two weeks ago:

Vol. 17

1. Les Savy Fav - The Year Before the Year 2000
2. The Poison Control Center - Make Love A Star
3. Henri Fabrege & The Adorables - Ventriloquist Love
4. The City on Film - I'd Rather Be Wine Drunk
5. The Rats and People - We Will Be There
6. Husker Du - Divide and Conquer
7. Brutal Juice - Cannibal Holocaust
8. British Sea Power - Atom
9. Sigur Ros - Saeglopur

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Monday, November 05, 2007

Dividing By Zero Is Taking A Week Off

Check back next Monday, please.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Shame Club CD Release Party

Shame Club has just released their latest full length album, Come On and will be celebrating its release this Saturday, November 3rd at the Bluebird. The band, known around these parts as the loudest band in St. Louis, plays - bluntly - blues-based hard rock, but without any of the bells and whistles that typically accompanies the genre. They are just regular dudes. They drink beer. They like to skateboard. But most importantly, they like to ROCK. Think Deep Purple, Thin Lizzy, AC/DC, The Who and ZZ Top. So come out and see the show, which also features Victoria and Laite, and remember your ear plugs.

Also check out the way more in-depth and generally better written Feature Story on them in the Riverfront Times this week.

Shame Club - Jonestown

Meat Puppets and Ha Ha Tonka at The Duck Room

The Meat Puppets are playing with Ha Ha Tonka this Saturday at Blueberry Hill's Duck Room. This lineup features both of the Kirkwood brothers, so at the risk of sounding dramatic, you never know if you'll get to see them again. Ha Ha Tonka is from Spingfield, MO. I first heard Ha Ha Tonka one morning on on Steve Pick's excellent Sound Salvation on KDHX 88.1, and am excited to see them get such good exposure on a tour like this.

Meat Puppets - "Backwater":

Meat Puppets - "Plateau" (live):

Ha Ha Tonka - "St. Nick":